Architects and Designers

Architects and designers

Integrate robust outdoor comfort analysis into your existing workflows.

Maximize property value and performance with climate-conscious designs

Convenient browser-based access to powerful urban microclimate simulation and analysis allows you to incorporate Thermal Comfort, Wind Comfort, Airflow, and Shadowing considerations into your initial concepts, early designs, and project proposals.

Manage risk and deliver climate-comfortable outdoor spaces

​​Incorporating Orbital Stack into your design process introduces exciting—and valuable—possibilities for…

Smaller projects

Previously, urban microclimate simulation was too expensive for projects with relatively smaller budgets.

As a result, low-rise commercial and residential buildings are typically designed with little objective consideration of outdoor comfort—but Orbital Stack makes simulation and the design insights it provides a cost-effective option.

Larger projects

Due to their potential to massively change the local environment, large projects often incorporate wind simulation and testing. However, such analysis is usually reserved only for performance validation in the final design stages— when changes to the plan come with significant costs.

Plus, outdoor comfort is seldom considered, despite the high potential for localized effects to render outdoor spaces uncomfortable for their intended use.

For these large and expensive undertakings, Orbital Stack helps to mitigate risk by informing and validating plans throughout the early stages of the project design process—avoiding nasty surprises later on.

All projects

In the competitive world of architecture and design, an impressive pitch means the difference between a contract won and a missed opportunity.

Unfortunately, tight timelines and pre-commitment cost constraints mean that most proposals lack objective evaluation of outdoor comfort.

Orbital Stack changes the game, allowing you to include objective performance metrics (and vivid imagery) in every bid.

Trusted by leading firms

Why firms rely on Orbital Stack?

Get started on day one

A straightforward UI, integrated climate data, and other user-oriented features make it easy to get up and running

Win more projects

Vibrant visuals showcase your climate-savvy designs, so you can deliver winning pitches that stand out in a crowded market

Reduce risk and lower costs

Comprehensive simulation and analysis, plus access to RWDI’s experts, helps you avoid design pitfalls and expensive rework

Maximize property value

Inviting, functional outdoor spaces raise property values by increasing comfort for tenants and driving foot traffic to businesses

Increase project efficiency

Spend your valuable time designing outstanding buildings, not researching climate data and fighting with cumbersome tools

Make data-driven decisions

Replace opinions and guesswork with timely, understandable—and actionable—insights that stand up to scrutiny

Ready to power your designs with Orbital Stack?