Airflow Analysis

Airflow Analysis

Don’t rely on assumptions to make critical decisions that might affect the accessibility, function, and safety of your project’s outdoor spaces.

airflow analysis

Airflow analysis

The wind’s direction and speed in different areas of a project are not always obvious or intuitive. The shape of a design and its neighbouring buildings can funnel winds in surprising ways. Learn how to make your spaces usable for a higher percentage of the year.

Why airflow analysis matters

The impacts of wind are complicated. Throughout the year, wind patterns change and local directions and speeds are dominated by the physical features in their path.

Without the ability to visualize data, teams can spend hours debating the challenges of wind flows and climate patterns.

Experts can talk about downwashes and tunneling effects, only quantitative and interactive analysis can really bring airflow to life. Guide your designs and access the hard data and powerful visuals you need to explain design choices to stakeholders.

Why airflow analysis matters
How airflow analysis works

How airflow analysis works

Orbital Stack’s Airflow analysis software examines a location’s average wind speeds from a given direction, ultimately revealing potential issues with usability, comfort, and safety.

Climate-scaled wind flow plots and streamlines are mapped on a virtual model of a proposed design in the context of historical climate data and the local built environment. These visual guides show how winds reach critical areas of the site. This offers important insights into local directionality and informing the best choices for mitigations.

What users are saying

“We cannot see wind—and it can be hard to explain to our clients—but Orbital Stack allows us to do just that. The tool brings an expert level of visibility into how wind—and solar—impacts pedestrian environments. With a better line of sight, we can alter illustrative designs earlier and, with better visuals, empower teams to make more informed decisions for people-first spaces.” — Allison Piehn, Commercial Director, Studio Egret West Limited

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Want to learn even more about Orbital Stack airflow analysis? Visit our Help section

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