Developers and Owners

Developers and Owners

Say hello to a more innovative and sustainable approach to property development.

Discover a digital climate-analysis tool that mitigates risks and enhances the resilience of your building designs

Our platform offers direct access to wind comfort and safety analysis, thermal comfort, and shadowing analysis. This means you can quickly understand the climate impacts of your proposed building designs from the very start, without incurring budget and timeline overruns.

An easy to use, web-based environmental analysis tool

Thermal Comfort

Orbital Stack’s Thermal Comfort analysis combines wind and solar simulations with climate data to show how outdoor spaces meet usage profiles and indicate patrons’ thermal comfort.

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Wind Comfort

Orbital Stack simulates Wind Comfort conditions and illustrates wind direction and strength for every outdoor space in your design, providing typical wind comfort conditions and scales to guide appropriate use of each space.

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Airflow Analysis

Airflow Analysis examines wind speeds and reveals potential issues with usability, comfort, and safety. Climate-scaled wind flow plots and streamlines map winds on a virtual model, providing insights into local directionality and guiding mitigation choices.

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Analyze shadows by predicting their general placement according to the season and time of day. Plots are created for each season and time range to show the solar potential as a % for the given period.

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Why firms rely on Orbital Stack?

Get started on day one

A straightforward UI, integrated climate data, and other user-oriented features make it easy to get up and running

Unmatched technical support

Gain critical insights about your project through robust onboarding, expert consulting, and training options

Reduce risk and lower costs

Comprehensive simulation and analysis, plus access to RWDI’s experts, helps you avoid design pitfalls and expensive rework

Maximize property value

Inviting, functional outdoor spaces raise property values by increasing comfort for tenants and driving foot traffic to businesses

Shorten project schedules

Hit key milestones faster using rapid analysis, ensuring design changes are quickly optimized and tested

Make data-driven decisions

Replace opinions and guesswork with timely, understandable—and actionable—insights that stand up to scrutiny

Ready to see Orbital Stack in action?

Architects, developers, engineers, and urban planners around the world are already using Orbital Stack to maximize outdoor comfort, property value, and building performance.

We’d love to show you what our solution can do!

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