About Us

About us

RWDI’s decades of experience in wind engineering, air quality, structural design, sustainability, and weather forecasting are the backbone of Orbital Stack.

Outdoor comfort analysis for climate-conscious design

Smart urban spaces simultaneously satisfy economic, safety, environmental, and quality-of-life needs. At Orbital Stack, we’re building the tools to help architects, designers, and engineers create the high-performance buildings that bring cities to life..

An RWDI Ventures company, Orbital Stack was created by a multidisciplinary team at RWDI, the global leaders in understanding the complexities of how the localized environment and climate impacts large-scale structures—and vice versa.

RWDI Ventures develops innovative companies and products that change the world. Of course, it’s that much easier when you’re backed by a world-class engineering firm—one that brings solid funding, a roster of premium clients, and award-winning engineers and scientists who lead the charge.

Some call it risk mitigation. We call it your unfair advantage.

Meet your future colleagues

Gonçalo Gomes Pedro

Technical Advisor

Ryan Fearnside

Ryan Fearnside

Corporate Accountant

Trevor Ward bio photo

Trevor Ward

Development Manager

Andre Sichelero

Software Developer

nick holt bio photo

Nick Holt

Software CFD Engineer

Warren Robinson

Software Developer

Tanya Henderson

Customer Success Coordinator

Jubran Akram

Software Developer

Caio Primo

Senior Product Designer

Mario Ito

Software CFD Engineer

Raphael Aranha

Software CFD Engineer

Tim Balcarras

Product Engineer

Chaddwick Bailey

Software Developer

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