Rapid insights when you need them

Orbital Stack, a new simulation software platform built by RWDI Ventures, puts the power of advanced climate analysis in your hands.

Generate outstanding results—earlier

Time matters. So does quality. Yet, microclimate analysis that’s too narrow in scope and too late in the design cycle continues to be a common—and costly—source of project compromise and delay. So, how can you ensure the best outcome for your building’s surroundings and occupants?

Nothing out there was good enough, so we built our own

Computational fluid dynamics simulation tools (CFD) shouldn’t leave you with more questions than answers. After trying every option available, RWDI’s world-class engineers and software developers determined that none could sufficiently assess our clients’ complex designs. Orbital Stack’s in-depth insights and self-serve capabilities gives you instant holistic feedback, but you still have access to RWDI’s microclimate specialists when you need them.

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CFD that’s designed and built right

Benefit from a state-of-the-art, digital-insights tool that leverages the best practices, learnings and refinements developed or discovered by RWDI and its leading engineers. That includes our unmatched wind-tunnel data, our validated MET database, understanding of site dynamics, and more.

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Faster and earlier design feedback

Get accurate climate results in fast–and whenever you need them during your building-design process – with Orbital Stack’s 3D viewer. You’ll also be alerted to RWDI services that can be accessed for further efficiencies along the way.

Insights that go beyond the numbers

Remove the guesswork with advanced analyses. Gain rich, wide-ranging multifactor insights. Orbital Stack automatically selects the best climate data. It accurately interprets the surroundings for best simulation setup. And it always provides easy-to-understand visualizations, helping you respond for best results.

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A multi-factor, holistic view

Get a unique and holistic view of your project, with insights into many climate factors, including pedestrian wind comfort, thermal comfort and solar conditions. Additional features will soon include a tower shaper tool and more.

Orbital Stack solutions are trusted and used globally by architects, developers, engineers, urban planners and more.

Climate-responsive building design

Climate-responsive building design means evaluating factors that impact the usability of surrounding outdoor spaces. And the most optimal designs will extend the usability of these spaces through every season, even into the winter.

Thermal Comfort

Thermal Comfort provides the high-level view of how amenity spaces meet their desired usage profiles, in terms of overall climate comfort throughout the year. By identifying areas and times where conditions are not appropriate, we can dig into the root causes and test possible mitigations.

Pedestrian Wind Comfort

Whether it’s a warming breeze or disruptive gale, wind is one of the biggest contributing factors to outdoor comfort. A CFD simulation of wind conditions, merged with historical climate data, can generate a great statistical view of typical conditions—annually, by season or by time of day. By evaluating specific directional behavior, including streamlines that illustrate flow patterns in areas of concern, you gain deeper insights into areas of concern and how to mitigate them.

Solar Comfort

Sun and shade dictate the comfort, usability and desirability of outdoor spaces. A simple analysis of solar energy—by both season and time of day—will highlight any concerns around thermal comfort, while providing critical insights into what mitigations would be most effective.

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