Wind Comfort Analysis

Wind Comfort Analysis

Create desirable outdoor spaces where people want to be
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wind comfort analysis

Wind comfort analysis

From ground-level patios and walkways to rooftop restaurants—plus all the balconies and terraces in between, outdoor spaces are often a focal point of many projects. The complex interaction between changing weather, the project form, and neighbouring structures can create unwelcome wind conditions that make spaces uncomfortable or even unsafe.

Don’t wait until the zoning stage to discover wind-microclimate issues that can compromise design or add unwanted costs and delays to your project.

Why wind comfort analysis matters

Early-stage wind comfort analysis will make the vision of bustling spaces a reality. It allows for improvements when change is easy—and more affordable. Early wind analysis helps deliver great outdoor experiences by:

  • Keeping projects on time and budget by avoiding surprises during zoning approvals
  • Ensuring outdoor spaces and amenities can be used for their intended purposes
  • Preventing unsafe gusts and unwelcome buffeting
  • Considering seasonal wind patterns to extend availability and usability
why wind comfort analysis matters
how wind comfort analysis works

How wind comfort analysis works

To assess Wind Comfort, Orbital Stack simulates wind conditions for the urban microclimate surrounding your building, incorporating historical climate data and illustrating the wind direction and strength at pedestrian height for every outdoor space designated in your CAD geometry.

With relevant factors—including time of day and season—set by the user, results provide an indication of the typical wind comfort conditions to expect around the site. The scales guide the designer to the appropriate uses of each outdoor space, allowing insight into causes and mitigation options where conditions aren’t appropriate.

What users are saying

A global property developer recently used Orbital Stack to provide a clearer visual of a redesigned project. The wind analysis strengthened their understanding before the entitlement process and clarified their ask of the architect responsible for creating the outdoor spaces in the development.

user review for wind comfort analysis
Want to learn even more about Orbital Stack wind comfort analysis? Visit our Help section
Want to learn even more about Orbital Stack wind comfort analysis? Visit our Help section

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